Friday, January 30, 2009

The Rise And Fall of The Ummah!

The catastrophe became eminent in 1924

The might of Islam's Khilafah was no more
The world cornered the Muslims after depleting our core
They took out their militaries and came knocking on our doors
They began to invade our countries from every shore
They taught us nationalism, tribalism and our unity was out the door
They made us pledge to useless flags and brought their kufr to our lands
They showed us their culture and we became instant fans
We abandoned our religion and so Allah abandoned us
We broke our deal with Allah within our mutual trust
We were supposed to remain obedient and in Allah place our trust
But we fell into sins and were betrayed by our lust
Allah sent us a Messenger who taught us success:
To aim for Jannah and love this dunya much less
But we took the blessings of honor and power for granted
So when we strayed from Islam, a wake-up call we were handed
The troops of the devil in our nations quickly landed
To colonize the Muslims, with their kufr so candid
But we still didn't learn and so soon we became related
They were far from Allah and Islam is what they hated
We, too loved this Dunya, and our Iman had long faded
We didn't realize that the gates of Jannah are gated
Earning Jannah means putting desires to the side
If we expect the gates of Paradise to open for us wide
But since we abandoned Allah and forgot our religion
Allah says Be and so He carries out His decision
The worst amongst us were made to lead us
But they, too were oppressors and didn't even feed us
Allah withdrew our Khilafah and woke us up to a reality
That our success is with Allah and not with ethnic principalities
That we need to put our ethnicities and worldly love to the side
And hold firmly to the rope of Allah, not swimming with the tide
Our return to success as an Ummah resides
In following the Prophets' and Sahaba's lives
In learning about and adhering sternly to the Qur'an and the Sunnah
And implementing Allah's laws collectively as an Ummah
To rise back to the top, we must return to our Deen
Beginning with our own individual beings
Then move onto our families, communites, and nations
Establishing with Allah the best of relations
So let's invest in the Aakhira instead of over-enjoying life
And be prepared for this means considerable strife
The hatred from the mouths of the kuffar continues to emanate
The time is for Jihad, and Salam to the Believers who participate
Allah's Messenger, Sal-Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam said
That the Kuffar would attack and Muslim blood would be shed
Because we're obsessed with the Dunya and abandoned Jihad
That we love this life and would hate to be dead
And until we return to our Deen, this condition remains
That we stand humiliated until we rethink our aims
We are here to establish Islam on this Earth
So by the Will of Allah, let's give Islam a rebirth!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

past, present and future...

dear upside down..
there is something that i want to tell you..
its about grandma..

it has been a month since the holiday started and it'll end soon..
i think, i've do nothing at home..particularly having some inner self crisis..
having only grandma at home, really make my ears suffer a bit..
anyway, when I opened the old album yesterday, i saw something that would make my eyes covered with tears..
since I was at 2 years old, my grandma took care of me instead of my parents..
and having just a friends that can be counted by fingers, i could say that my life full of empty spaces..feel like my life is always alone..and i'm always scare of that words..its really tough for a weak person like me..but then grandma always supported me..

she always put herself second, after 11 years grandpa's gone..she sacrificed a lot for my sake..also on top of being poor, she took in her grandson and raised him, that would make anyone particularly about money, rm300 per month would hard to raise a boy like me...again, for poor family, money is everything..

so, since primary school i've started to think that i'm going to pay back what she'd sacrificed for me..upsr, pmr n spm..i did them at my own best, but i felt like i did it for my ownself..I care most about my self.. everytime i went home, probly she will keep some money for me as my pocketmoney, duit pencen, money she got from her son and daughter, she will keep them for me as she knows i probably need it.. she knows, we are not coming from comfortable family, i went to school by scholarship that i got, and its not enough though since i've to pay the yuran from that money, plus its not just the yuran, books, clothes and other needs.. so she asked help from uncle and aunt to give me a hand, she knows she couldn't do it on her own but she still...
and since i got a chance to do medical program abroad, she started to worry and last few months i know, at her age, worrying something especially about someone who closed to her is going far away from her for about few years, would extremely make her sad, but i ddnt even think of it..
besides, she started to forget things..since last year, i discovered that probably she started to suffer from dementia..I'm scared that one day she'll forget my my neighbours also told me that, she will fall if she stand too long and they have to send her home everytime it happened when she's going somewhere..
she..suffered it all alone..

I care about myself, if my grandma was important, then i would have heard every single things what she wants to say, if i'm truly worried, then I should stay at least a little bit longer with her at home rather than always outside. But i, didnt do that. I wont be able to do that. I care the most about myself rather than take care of her. the makcik that lives next to my house said, my grandma told her when i was back to school, 'makcik rasa sangat sunyi, Azim keluar kerja awal pagi tapi balik tengah malam..Ariff bila balik bercuti bukan lekat kat rumah..' I know she cares a lot about me but at the very last, I find that I care the most about myself. Though at time I got confused as to what is the most important. But I know what i'm going to do..i..decided to fulfill her dream..she once said..'my grandchild is going to be a doctor, and he always struggle on his own since child'.. and I've nothing to say..just take good care of yourself and thank you for everything that you've done for me..I'm going to treasure it forever..hopefully God will help u..
when I'm down, probably these words will twist around in my head..i feel like a drama but its reality..'tok tak ada harta nak bagi kat hang, yang ada sebidang tanah tu ja..apa yang tok boleh bagi..tak ada..belajarlah elok-elok..nanti dapat kerja bagus-bagus boleh jaga mak, tok mungkin dah tak ada masa tu'..

erm..i think i'm going to stop for now..
cant continue..

Monday, December 29, 2008

unwelcome words in our daily life

Bapak kau - its from malay language 'your father', it's an insult, as it's short for 'kepala bapak kau' (your father head). flashback the childhood time, there's a childhood game of yore involves a boy drawing a cirlce in the sand and then saying to the another lad, "and this is your father's head, I will step on it" before doing just that. This is also the prelude to some violence to avenge the family honour. "stop overcharging me! you think i'm that desperate? Bapak kau (again your father head) I'll buy the cincau somewhere else."

koyak - failure, similar to kantoi. From the Malay it means 'to tear' , as if life's plans were piece of paper that just got ripped apart.::think so::. "even though she was in bikini, the comeback performance was considered koyak". not just that, some people are using koyak for another means. it's an expression of sad feeling. "today is the koyak day. the lahanat is so kerek (arrogant) : to hell with the cibai that i got kecing by him too"

extracted from new malaysian essay

Friday, November 28, 2008

tunas membesar


"tak, tegak aa"

"apa-apa la, aku tak kisah"

"so, nak pangey ko apa?"

"pangey je apa ko ske"

"loh, pangey ko sepet bleyh?"

"ko nak rasa pati ayam cap tumit aku?"

Ketawa pecah di belakang kelas. melihat keadaan itu Zarith mengangkat muka. Tangannya memeluk erat lututnya. Sambil merenung jauh ke langit.

"aku sukakan langit kat atas tu, rasa tenang"

"hebat kan?"

"yep, aku sokong..macam lukisan yang tiada tandingan"

"dulu aku teringin nak terbang"

"hah? Terbang? Haha..berangan je lebih.."

"tak aku serius nih"

"ch~ ada-ada ja"

"hehe, pangey ko zarith je la.."


"la~ nama ko kan zarith..ngeh~, tak aku ingat sebab nama ko tu sesuai la dengan kau..natural"

"huh! What does it means?"

"na~ biarla hati ini je memahami,ko tak payah tau..nanti lagi merumitkan keadaan"


Kedua-dua mereka berbual sambil menikmati angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa yang meniup lembut. Tatkala asyik berbual, tak sedar yang warden asrama sedang menuju ke arah mereka.


"aku rasa tak sedap hati la, sepet"

"wei, mulut jaga sikit ek..cabai kang"

"haha, natural apa?"

"ske ati ko, kenapa?"


Nain menoleh ke kiri. Matanya bulat.


"o,o..masalah besar ni"



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

hitam dan putih

sebuah permulaan


Ini satu permulaan yang aku kira berharga buat diri aku terutamanya bersama-sama dengan teman sekelas-satu titik tolak untuk merasakan pahit dan manis kehidupan mengambil IB dan bagaimana aku bersama mereka mengharungi setiap detik di sini. Ini juga merupakan penilaian terhadap diri aku untuk menjadi seorang khalifah dan abid kepada-Nya. Aku memerlukan pertolongan.





"weh bangun, dah subuh.." ujar Zulkarnain Kepada Zarith yang sedang nyenyak tidur diulit mimpi..semalaman dia bersengkang mata menyiapkan tugas yang sepatutnya dihantar pada hari sebelumnya..tetapi,lewat! Itulah perkataan yang timbul di benak fikirannya apabila melihat kembali kertas kerja tersebut..perasaan serba salah menyelubungi segenap bilik C410, bilik kecil yang hanya boleh didiami 2 orang pelajar sahaja..zarith telah lama terkuak lentang atas katilnya. Hanya lampu belajar sahaja yang masih menyala menyuluh bilik itu.

"aku harap semuanya ok pasni…kot" bebelnya sendirian. Dalam hatinya dia tahu cikgu pasti akan marah..yep pasti!

Kertas kerja mathematics higher level-portfolio type 1 yang dipegangnya  siap difailkan dan sudah siap untuk dihantar ke meja cikgu Suhana pagi nanti.




"see me after this"

Zarith terkejut benar apabila menerima  sms yang dihantar oleh cikgu matematiknya.

"apsal buat muka katak kene penyek ngan lori lak  ni?" nain bertanya kepada zarith sambil menyuap nurget ayam ke dalam mulutnya..

"kali ini serius, cikgu memang serius". Tegas zarith sambil merenung jauh ke arah handphone yang dipegangnya. Zarith, ketua kelas kepada nain, zack, c.b. dan lain-lain, kacak orangnya, berkaca mata seperti seorang penulis, bermata sepek sedikit, minat dalam bidang fotografi..menariknya - dia selalu mengcomplicatedkan benda yang simple..

"jom ikut aku jumpa dia", balasnya kepada zulkarnain..

"no hal, aku ikut",

"ajak yang lain"





"your class the only one yang tak pernah saya tinggikan suara, not like the other class, mulut saya memang laser ngan diorang. Saya sangat terkejut bila tengok tak ade sorang pun yang hantar on time! Dan kamu buat keputusan sendiri tanpa pengetahuan saya".

hanya bunyi air conditioner kedengaran, yang lain senyap..terdengar sedikit suara gelak tawa guru di bahagian belakang..

Zarith, nain dan dua rakannya lagi hanya menyepi, tanpa sebarang kata..


Sunyi sepi,

Dan perasaan serba salah mula menyelirat ke dalam diri masing-masing…

Renungan mata cikgu semakin tajam dan disebalik renungan mata itu tersingkap seribu maksud,

"apa aku nak buat nie…."




Jari-jemarinya pantas berlari memetik pada tali gitar. Berakhir sudah kisah antara dia dan bell, satu kisah yang tak sampai. Dia bersandar di tiang pengkalan yang sudah usang dimamah hujan dan terik. Tanpa sedar di melagukan korus ups and down yang pernah dinyanyi bersama rakan-rakannya ketika bercamping di Gua Gendang dahulu.Sebuah senyum pahit terukir di bibirnya.

"tak pernah aku merasa perasaan aneh macam ni. Sweet pain betulla, ch~..kalau betulla benda ni ada, mungkin inilah pertama kalinya aku merasainya", dia menggeleng perlahan.

"May your life always be blessed by Him, no matter what Bell".

"aku dan kau dah tamat"...

Tengah malam, hanya ditemani bintang dan bulan September yang hampir tamat kitarannya. Nain merinding melihat gerakan-gerakan halus di bawah air.  Dia membuang pandangannya kerana hatinya perih teringat kembali kisah suka-duka bersama rakan-rakannya. Dia terpanar. Sungai Golok, hanya air dan riak gelombang. Inilah satunya masa air di sungai ini tenang, sesekali sahaja bunyi jentera perahu yang menyusuri sungai itu kedengaran. Kesibukan di sempadan Malaysia dan Thailand itu akan bersambung di awal pagi esoknya.

Lapan penjuru angin, sejauh mata pandang. Bagaimana aku ingin terus mengejar  cita-citaku? Layakkah aku memegang gelaran sebagai seorang doktor? Satu persoalan berat berpusinng di mindanya.

 Sejurus kemudian dia melihat ke kaki langit, merenung jauh nun di sana, tiga kerlip bintang segaris perlahan menjelma di horizon. Satu titik noktah dan permulaan memahami erti kehidupan dunia yang sebenar demi kepentingan di hari sana.




Hitam dan putih..

Bukan warna, bukan juga bukan warna..

Habis apa?

Satu retoris dan hanya layak dijawab oleh mereka yang menghayatinya..

Kadang-kadang hidup ini penuh disulam suka dan duka..

Sebab itulah dunia ini hanyalah permainan dan senda gurau..

Kerana aku percaya, aku tidak selama-lamanya kekal..

Kerana itulah ia satu permulaan..



=.+ apa aku cakap..

Kepala dah makin bengong..

Aku nak mula menulis..

Haha…harap dapat sokongan..