Monday, December 29, 2008

unwelcome words in our daily life

Bapak kau - its from malay language 'your father', it's an insult, as it's short for 'kepala bapak kau' (your father head). flashback the childhood time, there's a childhood game of yore involves a boy drawing a cirlce in the sand and then saying to the another lad, "and this is your father's head, I will step on it" before doing just that. This is also the prelude to some violence to avenge the family honour. "stop overcharging me! you think i'm that desperate? Bapak kau (again your father head) I'll buy the cincau somewhere else."

koyak - failure, similar to kantoi. From the Malay it means 'to tear' , as if life's plans were piece of paper that just got ripped apart.::think so::. "even though she was in bikini, the comeback performance was considered koyak". not just that, some people are using koyak for another means. it's an expression of sad feeling. "today is the koyak day. the lahanat is so kerek (arrogant) : to hell with the cibai that i got kecing by him too"

extracted from new malaysian essay